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Author / MF&L Staff

Crown Pilot Crackers Gone Again

Our beloved chowder cracker has been eliminated–again! Eleven years ago or so, Nabisco stopped making Crown Pilots and all heck broke out in Maine, especially Chebeague where Damon Miller Damon was the first to raise perpendicular dickens about it. CBS and Tim Sample came to interview several of us and they featured the dust-up on...CONTINUE READING

Maine Shrimp and Fiddlehead Pasta Recipe

Food lovers: Take note! Here is another one of Brian Beckett’s simply scrumptious, springtime recipes. This pasta dish melds a delightful pairing of two popular Maine ingredients: Maine shrimp with fresh, fiddlehead greens. The flavorful combination of herbs in Brian’s lemon butter delicately enhance these uniquely blended tastes of the Maine ocean and land. If...CONTINUE READING

What Happened to Home Cheesemaking?

I have no childhood memories of eating homemade bread. It’s not that my Mother dislikes cooking, as she often shares with me a new recipe she is trying, I think she just had her hands full raising four children while working as a Registered Nurse. No memories of my Grandmother making bread either, however, her...CONTINUE READING