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Great Maine Apple Day

Is well named. Hauling yourself out to Unity on the 24th for MOFGA’S annual apple jamboree is a great way to spend a fall day and that’s because Maine has a lot of great apples. Somewhere well north of 50 apple varieties laid out for tasting.

The tasting part is a unique opportunity to check out all sorts of flavors and textures, and of course to sample apples not routinely sold in stores. You can also try the freshly squeezed juice – directly at the market. A lot of the tastiest varieties are not likely to win beauty contests, although some do have their spectacular aspects.

The tasting by itself would be more than enough, but there are all manner of other attractions: instructive talks on apple growing, cider making and other obvious tie-ins; a (small) market of apple and cheese sellers, and a chance to – maybe! – learn what that mystery apple in the backyard really is. The more you know about your tree’s history, the better your shot at learning its identity.

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MF&L Staff at Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine.

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